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Прочтение Европы

Представлено Tue, 05-August-2014

In any library you’ll find the world famous poems, plays and novels of European authors — the fruits of the richest literary traditions of the region. Real cities and villages, in which the action unfolds these works, as well as the birthplace of the authors of these masterpieces, still exist. Take a look at the map and choose a route for an exciting trip! You will meet with history, classical literature and its authors.


Ancient Greece is famous for its fascinating legends, myths and dramas, and one of the authors of the most entertaining stories of his time was a homer. Take a walk among the ancient ruins and try to imagine how people lived here in the VIII century BC. e., when the blind Homer wandered across the expanses of modern Greece and Turkey, composing the song «Iliad» and «Odyssey.» Talk to the locals and learn about modern storytellers narrate these lands.

 Look at one of Shakespeare's plays in the famous theater "Globe" in London.

William Shakespeare, one of the greatest playwrights of all time, lived in the UK during the Renaissance. Go to the historic theater «Globe», where you can see one of his most famous pieces, delivered exactly as was the custom in those days. Continue your journey through Shakespeare and places outside of London, visiting Anne Hathaway’s cottage and the house where he was born the great poet, in the charming town of Stratford-upon-Avon.

 The famous windmills of "Don Quixote" are still standing on the hills of Consuegra in Spain.

In Spain it is imperative to pass the «Dear Don Quixote» among the plains of Castile La Mancha, dedicated to the hero of the novel by Miguel de Cervantes, also written during the Renaissance. Here you will see the most famous windmills, which beat Don Quixote, mistaking them for the dragon. Another author, for which Spain has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration, was Ernest Hemingway. Take a trip to Pamplona to exciting San Fermin Festival, and look at the race raging bulls, embodied in the novel «The Sun Also Rises.»

 Bronze Mermaid, the heroine of Andersen's fairy tales, looking at the calm waters in the port of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Although the Principality of Monaco is not as famous for its literary tradition, writers from around the world looking for inspiration on its beaches, and some of them have written my best book is about Monaco — it is necessary to recall the novel by Graham Greene «Loser helps all», «Monaco» Eric Robert Morse and «Monaco — it’s cool,» Robert Erindzhera. Once one of the most exclusive resorts of Monaco, read any of these books, a glass of wine, and you can feel like a hero.

In Europe, many attractions with the literary past. Carefully plan your trip and create your own story full of adventure, mystery and romantic encounters.