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Музыка у тебя в душе

Представлено Tue, 05-August-2014

Even if the last time you were at a music lesson four full presidential term ago, never too late to return to the study of music in all its diversity. In Europe, go to study, students and lovers of music, sometimes whole families to take advantage of the rich opportunities to expand their musical horizons.

If you want to after a trip to Europe that you have something in addition to stamps in the passport, why not take a couple of private lessons at a university or conservatory? In most big cities have universities that can help you with the choice of the teacher. Or sign up in advance for group lessons. Learn how to play the traditional Irish drum bourane (Bodhrán) or align learning to play guitar flamenco with the study of the Spanish language in the Spanish city of Seville.

The Vienna Philharmonic Society (Musikverein) - an ideal place for the best concerts in Vienna.

Vienna, capital of Austria, has long been the center of cultural life in Europe, and continues to maintain its reputation as the music capital. Sounds of music is full of even the hills surrounding the city. In this city with its many ensembles such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Boys’ Choir and the Vienna State Opera, classical music fans will find plenty of ways to enhance knowledge in this area. Start with the basics of the House of Music, where visitors have a unique opportunity podirizhirovat virtual orchestra. Then go on a walking tour of the numerous musical attractions of the city and complete your day at the theater or the ballet of the Vienna concert of one of the Viennese orchestras.

Discover the history of European opera in the library-museum of the Opera Garnier in Paris.

In Paris, opera lovers will get a real pleasure from visiting the library-museum of the Opera Garnier, which is part of the National Library of France. At the disposal of thousands of visitors to the museum orchestral scores and librettos, manuscripts, models, sets, posters, programmok, sketches for costumes and other exhibits. In addition, the National Opera of Paris organizes guided tours behind the scenes of the theater, but they must be booked in advance. And, of course, do not forget to buy a ticket to the opera.

Get acquainted with the work of jazz musicians can be at the festival "Jazz rainbow» (JazzKaar) -One of the most important annual music events in Estonia.

Expand your musical horizons, you can jazz festivals, music, fusion, hard rock, pop, ethnic style or any other musical genres that exist in Europe. Go, for example, the largest jazz festival in the Baltic region, which takes place every spring in Estonia.  Get ready for the most incredible experiments in the field of jazz, and you’ll be rewarded with unforgettable impressions of the trip.