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Все выше и выше

Представлено Tue, 05-August-2014

Even if you have never in my life did not go to the mountains, in Europe there are peaks, climbing are equally available as obsessed climbers and green novices. Taking with him a love of open spaces, a sense of adventure, don’s tracking shoes, and you are quite ready to conquer the peaks of our continent.

On Ben Nevis for the first time this year the snow fell.

Ascent of Monte Titano, the highest mountain in San Marino, requires no mountaineering experience or special equipment. Usually, tourists go up to the car to inspect the main local attractions: three great towers on the three vertices of Monte Titano. This trip may seem less dangerous than the climb on foot, because you are waiting for the high cliffs and sharp turns, but the species of San Marino takes your breath away!

In Eastern Europe, a lot of mountains, which can easily climb even a beginner or a very experienced climber. Just a few hours will take the ascent to the top of Mount Rysy, the highest in the Tatra Mountains and throughout Poland. In the north-west of its peak, included in the Carpathian mountain range, can be reached with Poland or Slovakia without climbing equipment and climbing skills. That is why here so eager lovers of all ages mountain walks.

Climb to the top of Mount Rysy open your view from a height of 2500 meters.

One of the most popular Bulgarian mountain trekking route passes through the territory of the National Park Pirin. Tourists are offered to climb to the top of the vortex, located at an altitude of 2900m — the highest in the Pirin mountains. Along the way you will unlock incredible views of the shining expanse Vlahinskih lakes, the remaining deep down in the valley and the stunningly picturesque slopes of the Northern Pirin. Climbing to Vihren worth the effort: there looked through all the peaks of Pirin Mountain or Rila Mountain.

Fontainebleau France shakes his pyshnoyya vegetation and colorful flowers.

If you are wondering really ambitious goals, then you should hire a professional guide, or join one of the climbing groups to undergo training and acclimatization before the exciting ascent in the Alps, the highest mountains in Europe. And yet the easiest to conquer the Alpine peaks, using the lift (ropeway) or rack railway. With the help of these devices even full «kettles» can visit a hard top available as Aiguille Verte in the French Alps.