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Волны, солнце и песок

Представлено Tue, 05-August-2014

Find the perfect beach — a difficult task, especially if you come to an unfamiliar place. However, in Europe you can easily find a beautiful beach through distinctive sign — a blue flag. Beaches in Europe, marked by a certificate of the Blue Flag, a high standard of water quality, safety and the environment and become a better place for sunbathing, swimming and outdoor activities. Fortunately for travelers in the world has more than 4,000 beaches have received Blue Flag certification, and most of them — in Europe.

Elafonisi Beach - one of the best beaches in Greece.
Elafonisi Beach — one of the best beaches in Greece.

Where you can find beaches, the Blue Flag? In almost all European countries from Malta to Cyprus preserve the pristine beaches. Enjoy the sun, lying under an umbrella as the waves break on the beach or grab a surfboard and go — into the water.


Take a dip in the warm water of the Adriatic Sea and visit its excellent beaches, many of which have Blue Flag certificate. Immerse yourself in the clear water of the Kotor Bay in Montenegro, jump in the salty sea water in Slovenia and sail away on a voyage along the turquoise sea in Croatia. Number of amazing beaches in the Adriatic Sea is practically inexhaustible.

Relax on the 378-kilometer coastline at Cape Emine where the Balkan Mountains meet the sea in Bulgaria. Here you will find 209 different beaches, still little known among tourists. Due to the low salt content and a pleasant water temperature of the Black Sea coast — the best place for surfing, water skiing, scuba diving and fishing. Visit the famous beaches of Bulgaria, including Sunny Beach, Albena, Bunite, Pomorie, Harmanite.

Head west through Italy to the Mediterranean. There you will find beach Larvotto in Monaco, where the famous Monte Carlo casino. Spend a day on the beach and evening — in a casino, a sports club or a luxurious restaurant of this small country.

Piran - Adriatic coast, a quiet beach in Slovenia.
Piran — Adriatic coast, a quiet beach in Slovenia.

The beaches in the north of Europe is not worse. On the contrary, the coast becomes even more picturesque. Visit Iceland and along the coast Langisandur (Langisandur). Be sure to plan a trip to the northernmost point of Denmark — Skagen, where one of the most beautiful beaches. In Skagen there are two beautiful beaches marked with the Blue Flag: Gammel Skagen Strand (Gammel Skagen Strand) and Albek Strand (Aalbaek Strand). Stroll through the stretched on many kilometers of coast and over the sand dunes in the north of the peninsula of Jutland.

Zlatni Rat (Zlatni Rat) in Croatia - a unique beach in Europe.
Zlatni Rat (Zlatni Rat) in Croatia — a unique beach in Europe.

If you see a blue flag away, know that you have found the perfect place to relax. Lay your towel and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Europe.