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L’hospitalité des auberges

Soumis le Tue, 05-August-2014

Some ways to stay are just more European. The most original is probably in a hostel Youth (English) .Abordables and creative, these small hotels and inns are found in all European countries. Spain you to browse your backpack or you’re on vacation in Sweden, spend the night in a hostel for an immersive experience unforgettable.

Kadir's Tree Houses offers a chic and threadbare way to stay in Turkey.

Irish Youth Hostels make access to the champagne Even Easier.

The first thing to know about Europe hostels is that they are all different from each other. Wherever you go, you find a room that reflects the character of the country. A stay fit for a king awaits you at Carbisdale Castle Youth Hostel in Scotland. In Turkey, climb into your bed in a tree Kadir’s Tree House (English). You can even stay in a former Slovenian prison, today a modern facility known as the Hostel Celica. These are just a few examples of the remarkable proposals offered by Europe.

Staying in a Paris hostel you Even Closer over the city.

The original character is not the only thing that counted. Hostels offer the cheapest accommodation rates and are often located close to the most popular places in the city. So the savings you will realize by staying in a hostel France allow you to offer you a coveted souvenir or exquisite patisserie.  

Ultimately, it is your European experience that counts. Photographing the streets of London for many centuries-old buildings. Sketch of landscape in Serbia while you cool your feet in the Danube. Read the works of your favorite poets under the bright stars of the Irish countryside. All this is possible when you’re staying in a hostel.