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Les rois des paysages

Soumis le Tue, 05-August-2014

The most majestic scenery of all is the fjord, a glacial formation that digs deep, narrow valleys filled with sparkling waters. High walls overlooking the water, with spectacular views and excellent hiking. Although there are many glacial formations worldwide that resemble fjords, the true and most beautiful fjords are in Europe.

 The fjords of East Iceland are full of picturesque places on the water's edge as in this picture.

Fjords are the ideal scenery for entertaining outdoors. Geiranger in Norway offers snowy mountain peaks and waterfalls of water, forcing travelers to spare during the hike. For a totally different experience, take a guided boat tour or kayak and enjoy the wonders of fjords, mountains and cliffs.  

Mweelrea offers Mountain Reviews some of the best views of Killary Harbor in Ireland.

Discover the cities fishing in the fjords of eastern Iceland and explore the majestic mountains, the shimmering hills and crystal-clear lakes while hiking on foot or on horseback. For an even closer experience nature, visit Killary Harbor in Ireland, a fjord covered by a thick emerald vegetation. Get out by taking a ride on the back of a Connemara pony and take your binoculars to see schools of dolphins jumping in the water.  

If the exploration of a fjord is not part of your list of things to do, add it. The majestic fjords of Europe is unforgettable.