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Day 1-3
Distance: 470km / 290mi

Copenhagen to Gothenburg

  • Begin your journey in Copenhagen with a bike ride through the city and enjoy a real Danish pastry.
  • Revisit the Viking Age at the Open Air Museum Land of Legends in Lejre, and the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.
  • See how Vikings lived at the settlements in Aarhus.
  • Take the two-hour ferry ride from Frederikshavn to Gothenburg.

Day 4-7
Distance: 2100km / 1300mi

Gothenburg to Tromsø

  • From Gothenburg, ride to Stockholm to visit Sweden’s capital. Also, try an optional visit to the Viking Village of Birka.
  • Board a flight, or take the Lapland Railway, to Kiruna and stay the night in a hotel made from ice.
  • Visit the Kiruna Church, voted the most beautiful building in Sweden.
  • Ride the trails of the Swedish wilderness on a two-day dog sled tour before heading to Tromsø.

Day 8-11
Distance: 2400km / 1500mi

Tromsø to Oslo

  • Once in Tromsø, witness the splendor of the Northern Lights.
  • Take the scenic Northern and Dovre Railway from Bodø to Oslo, or relax on a fjords cruise to Bergen.
  • At the Historical Museum, conquer the Permanent Viking Exhibition.
  • For some excitement, explore the Norwegian nightlife.

Day 12-14
Distance: 150km / 90mi

Oslo to Reykjavik

  • After a flight to Reykjavik, visit the Aurora Reykjavik Museum for interactive displays and a history on the Northern Lights.
  • Ride across the Iceland wilderness on a Northern Lights Jeep Tour and find the best location for Aurora viewing.
  • Explore Thingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss Waterfall. Then, defrost in the soothing waters at Laugarvatn Fontana Thermal Baths.
  • Finally, treat yourself to the rejuvenating wonders of Iceland’s renowned Blue Lagoon.

Before you go

  • Luggage should include clothes you can layer. Be sure to bring waterproof trousers and boots. Don’t forget to pack the bathing suit as well.
  • No need for taking out much cash to use in the Northern Europe. It is possible to pay with credit card practically anywhere from the taxi to the hot dog stand.
  • When photographing the Northern Lights, deactivate the camera flash and automatic settings and focus to infinity.

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