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Naturist Resorts

Express your affinity with nature

Koversada Naturist Park, Croatia Photo source: CNTB

Europe is a paradise for those who wish to express their affinity with nature through naturism, as hundreds of naturist (nude) resorts and beaches from north to south are waiting to welcome you with open arms. 

Let’s start with the Mediterranean region, where the sunny climate and relaxed attitude make it a perfect spot for a naturist holiday. As well as dedicated naturist centres where clothing is completely optional, there are also many nudist beaches, naturist campsites and even health spas where you can live at one with nature without the hindrance of clothes.

France is often strongly associated with naturist holidays as it is a country that whole-heartedly embraces the lifestyle; you’ll find excellent naturist facilities, resorts and health spas throughout the country. Try the dedicated naturist resorts of la Jenny on the Atlantic Coast, Creuse Nature Naturisme in the heart of the country or the Domaine De l’Eglantiere in the Midi-Pyrenees region, which offer camping, accommodation and leisure facilities for the whole family.

Croatia also has a long association with this liberating way of life with many dedicated resorts such as the scenic Koversada Naturist Park, one of the oldest naturist centres in Europe. Koversada is set in a peaceful park filled with olive trees and can accommodate up to five thousand like-minded people in tents, apartments and villas. The extensive leisure facilities include an aqua-park for the kids, endless sports facilities, evening entertainment and five kilometres of beaches. With over thirty naturist camps and resorts throughout the country in extraordinarily scenic settings, Croatia has to be one of Europe’s premier naturist destinations.

You can also come close to nature on the Iberian Peninsula; both Spain and Portugal welcome naturists. Spain is home to roughly forty private naturist resorts and over five hundred nudist beaches, such as the resort of Costa Natura near Malaga, where guests can enjoy the beauty of the sun and sea in a picturesque setting of traditional whitewashed buildings. In Portugal, those in search of a liberated and clothes-free holiday can opt for one of the many officially licensed sites or take a chance on one of the stunning beaches where nudism is tolerated - although its always a good idea to confirm that nudity is allowed before baring all!

Naturism is not confined just to countries in the south of Europe; the naturist lifestyle is also popular across central Europe and Scandinavia. Try Sørlandet’s naturist centre on the coast of south Norway, where guests stay in cabins nestled in the folds of the mountains and take refreshing dips in the crystal clear waters of the fjord, or stroll amid the pines of the Vikbolandet naturist camp in Sweden.

The variety of naturist resorts and beaches of Europe offer spectacular settings where you can enjoy your naturist holiday in complete freedom and peace, in the company of people who understand your passion for nature.