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Régimes alimentaires

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A fun way to explore Europe may be through its typical dishes. Italian pasta, the Danish winerbrod, Maltese pastizzi, Slovenian štruklji are so many flavors that will make you travel.

Persons who have special diets are not far behind. Vegetarians or vegans can go anywhere in Europe and find restaurants without meat or fish. In Luxembourg, you can go to Gourmandises Permitted. Wrenkh, in Austria, is a very good organic food restaurant. The Country House Montali, in Italy, is a breath of fresh air with their delicious vegetarian cuisine. In Slovenia, go to a Gostilna, a sort of tavern with a limited menu but traditional and generally vegetarian. For other addresses, these days, travel guides are very good references where you can find gourmet tips.

For those wondering where to eat kosher in Europe, the issue no longer arises. Almost everywhere! As a matter of fact, you will find numerous kosher restaurants to enjoy a good meal. The Caramel Restaurant in Budapest (Hungary), the King Solomon in Prague (Czech Republic), the Topas in Basel (Switzerland) or the Alef in Krakow (Poland) are an exhaustive list of your options.

The Ali Baba in Malta, the Green Pepper Indian Style in Nicosia (Cyprus), the Al Madinah in Stockholm (Sweden), the Karnaval in Ukraine and the Piccolo Mondo Bucharest (Romania) are among the many halal restaurants that you can discover in Europe. Again, you can be sure to find a halal restaurant in almost every country in Europe. And if you cannot find one, Kebab shops are one of many traditions that the continent has adopted.

Health Tips

Check your health insurance policy to be sure you are covered while travelling abroad.

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earning to say please and thank you in foreign languages is always a welcomed gesture.

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Any electrical device you wish to bring on your trip can be used with the aid of an electrical travel kit.

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