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Viajeros en grupo

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Travelling as a group is always a nice way to spend your holidays. Although it might be difficult sometimes, when well planned, the group will come back home with a great souvenir of the time abroad.

To plan it best, it is advised to have one person in charge of all the bookings and planning. However, everything should be decided and voted all together in advance. Give your trip a budget and then decide on the destination. This will allow you to choose the accommodation better. You can book rooms in hotels or rent an apartment or a house.

In your budget, if you decide to go for a rented accommodation, don’t forget to add what you will need for grocery shopping and also plan some small extra such as taxes.

When travelling with a group, you can often have discounts. Make sure you ask the reservation desk. It applies for accommodation but, sometimes, also for airlines.

It is always good to plan activities as a group but to leave free time for all the people in the group to enjoy their holidays on their own.

A lot of travel agents offer group packages and could make it easier for you to organise and enjoy although you might wish to choose more off-the-beaten- track activities that those they offer.

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