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Travel Insurance

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Consider safeguarding your trip so that, should an emergency require you to cancel at the last minute, you can minimize the financial impact.

Before purchasing travel insurance, which is highly recommended for overseas travel, check your existing insurance policies.

A comprehensive travel insurance plan should include coverage for trip interruption, delay and cancellation, medical expenses and emergency medical transportation, loss and damage to baggage, and a toll-free 24-hour travel assistance hotline.

Read the policy carefully, check the fine print to know what is covered, and consider the following:

Weigh carefully any travel protection offered directly by a tour operator or travel supplier. A comprehensive third-party travel insurance plan will cover your travel investment in the event of a travel carrier's (airline, cruise line or tour operator) financial demise.

Extensive weather and security delays can impact travel itineraries and baggage. Travellers should look for coverage of delayed baggage and travel delays when considering any travel insurance plan.

The cost of travel insurance varies widely and depends on the cost and length of your trip, your age and overall health, as well as the type of trip you are taking. More adventurous activities may not be covered under standard policies.

In general, comprehensive travel insurance costs between 5 and 12% of the cost of your trip and may be well worth the investment should you be required to cancel at the last minute. Be sure that you purchase the insurance at least a month prior to your first travel payment so that you are completely covered once you are travelling.



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Travel Insurance

Consider safeguarding your trip so that you can minimize the financial impact.

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