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Jours fériés

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European countries have many public holidays; while that may limit some sightseeing and shopping, it also means there are numerous festivals and unique local entertainment to enjoy!

Check the local holidays in the countries you plan to visit as you might be in for a great treat if you plan well; processions, parades and other public celebrations are a wonderful way to learn about a culture. Some of the holidays are religious, such as Christmas and Easter, while others celebrate local traditions or are national public holidays. You will also want to have this information in case it limits your plans for that day. Museums, attractions, and transport may be closed or working on a reduced, holiday schedule. Essentially, banks and corporate offices close on national holidays, although some shops and restaurants stay open.

Among the holidays celebrated in Europe are:




New Year’s Day

1st January


Variable (March / April)

Labour Day / May Day

1st May


Variable (May)

Pentecost / Whit Monday / June Holiday

Variable (May / June)


15th August

All Saints Day

1st November


25th December

Boxing Day / St. Stephen’s Day

26th December

Other well-known celebrations that attract large crowds and may impact your travel plans are Venice’s Carnevale in February and Munich’s fall Oktoberfest , to name just two.

Europeans tend to take their longest vacation during the months of July and August. For tourists this can be a distinct advantage as the cities are less congested. However, some museums and businesses may curtail their opening hours during this period. It pays to check schedules in advance of your trip – check each country’s page for more detailed information on public holidays.


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