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Travelling in Europe

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Buses offer great opportunities to reach remote places, watch the world go by and sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the locals.

For those areas that are not accessible by train or aeroplane, taking a bus  (or coach, as they are also called in Europe) can be a great option.

The two major long distance bus / coach companies that operate throughout the continent are Eurolines and Busabout. Eurolines links cities across Europe, while Busabout caters to budget-minded travellers, dropping passengers off at hostels along the route.

Although every country has its own bus companies, service in some areas is better than in others. Specifically, areas that do not have extensive train coverage tend to have more reliable bus services. For example, Iceland and northern regions of the Scandinavian countries lack extensive train networks, so travelling by bus is the better option.

Buses within cities tend to fall into two categories: public buses, on which you can ride alongside local inhabitants, giving you a bit more insight into their way of life; and hop-on, hop-off sightseeing buses for which you may purchase a time-limited pass. The latter travel from one major attraction to another, often providing a brief explanation of the sites and saving you the time it takes to learn how to travel from place to place - as well as reducing the chances of getting lost!

Bus passes are available for purchase in a variety of locations throughout most cities and countries. Buying passes in advance can save you both time and money, particularly if you are planning to stay a few days.

Local tourist offices can assist you with information and provide bus.



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