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Como chegar à Europa

Getting to Europe

Travelling in Europe

  • By air

    Travel from just about anywhere to just about anywhere with thousands of daily connections from hundreds of carriers...

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  • By car

    Nothing beats the freedom of using your own car. Europe's motorway networks will take you to the far corners of the continent and smaller roads are excellent...

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  • By train

    Europe leads the world for rail travel. Discover the fastest railways and most awe-inspiring rail journeys with affordable passes and an extensive rail network...

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  • By ferry

    Europe is scattered with thousands of islands and even landlocked countries have hundreds of navigable rivers and waterways. Explore a different world at your own pace...

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  • By cruise ship

    Explore the two oceans and nine seas in style! Bask in the mediterranean sun or head north and discover the arctic, the cruising possibilities are endless...

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  • Backpacking & cycling

    Exploring Europe on two wheels can be a rewarding experience. Twelve Pan-European bicycle routes have been drawn up so you can discover a region with ease...

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  • By bus & coach

    Eurolines is Europe's international bus and coach network which enables you to travel between all the major cities. Get a pass and explore the whole continent...

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On-the-spot emergencies are handled just as they would be at home.

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earning to say please and thank you in foreign languages is always a welcomed gesture.

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Any electrical device you wish to bring on your trip can be used with the aid of an electrical travel kit.

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