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Europe - Whenever you're ready

Your journey starts here!

However you envisage your ‘adventure of a lifetime’, deciding where and when to go is one of the biggest challenges of your trip to Europe. Whether your aim is to go back in time or get a glimpse of the future, discover the ‘must-sees’, or get off the beaten track, Europe is ready for you!

Here at you can discover the world of diversity Europe has to offer, browsing by theme, region or country. You can also plan your trip – from researching where to stay, and how to travel, to taking advantage of useful practical tools and information such as a flight search function, currency converter, climate overview, and visa information.

The Visiteurope. com portal provides links through to the National Tourism Organisations of Europe provided  by the European Travel Commission (ETC) – a non-profit membership organisation consisting of 33 National Tourism Organisations from across Europe. The ETC is an associated partner of the European Commission in the ‘Europe – whenever you’re ready’ campaign.

Europe’s hot spots for creative cool


Europe has always been irresistible to shoppers, but beyond the big brands and famous streets of some of the world’s most famous cities are lesser-known districts that are inspiring a new generation of European creativity.

Travel journalist Andy Round offers fresh insight on Paris, Milan and Helsinki and explores the city neighbourhoods that are inspiring a new European cultural renaissance – from art and design to fashion and furniture.

Three very different destinations, but with one common thread: each city is perfect for discovering Europe’s freshest creative talent.

Shopping off the beaten track
There’s more to shopping in Europe than the designer brands on Champs-Élysées.

Explore Europe through your taste buds
A selection of trendsetting venues, innovative concepts, and the freshest ingredients to inspire your visit to Europe.

A tale of three cities


From bridges that connected communities and soaring spires that inspired worship to medieval castles that defended cities, Europe has been forged by a unique history that in turn shaped the creation of its capital cities.

Travel journalist Andy Round journeys to Prague (Czech Republic), Lisbon (Portugal) and Vilnius (Lithuania) to explore how the secrets of a European city can be unlocked by exploring its architecture.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
UNESCO helps you to discover the finest of the finest in Europe.

A direct line to heaven
A selection of sacred places where religion meets architecture.

Coast to Coast

From the cool winds of the Atlantic to the warm waters of the Mediterranean, Europe’s coastline defines the continent in every way. It has created communities, inspired exploration, driven trade and attracted tourism, while remaining a constant source of natural wonder. Andy Round explores the stories from four diverse coastlines in Greece, Germany, Ireland and Croatia and Christian Andersson photographs.

The hottest beaches in Europe

Europe’s beaches are rated amongst the world’s best for a variety of reasons: their stunning scenery, their unique nature and their lively entertainment offerings. Here is a selection of some of the most unique spots Europe’s coastline has to offer.

Cheers – You’re in Europe!

Europe’s culture is not limited to its numerous art museums and palaces. Some of Europe’s greatest stories can be heard over a glass of wine, beer or other drink within the walls of a pub or finest alcohol outlets off the beaten track.

Frozen assets

Looking for the coolest destinations in Europe? Visit during November to February, the European winter season. Northern skies are glowing, ski slopes are glistening and Christmas markets are magical. Journalist Andy Round and photographer Ezequiel Scagnetti journey to Bovec in Slovenia, Kiruna in Sweden and Vienna in Austria. They discover that when the temperature falls, there is no business like snow business.

Europe off-piste

Whether you aim for Olympic speed or gentle slopes, here is a list of the coolest and lesser-ridden ski resorts in Europe, which are waiting for you.

Beyond merry-go-rounds

Push your limits at Europe’s most exhilarating and unusual theme parks!

Honeymoon heartlands

Newly-weds always hope their marriage will play out like a fairy-tale. So what better way to start than with a honeymoon in romantic Europe? Andy Round is seduced by the goddess of love in Cyprus, has his heart broken by Romeo and Juliet in Verona and falls head over heels for the romantic legends of Latvia.

Europe – come join the festivities!

One of the best ways to witness the diversity of Europe Is to participate in one of the many festivals –be it celebrating a saint, food, film or even the circus.

Europe – a thousand different stories

Europe is home to a fascinating array of museums, devoted to every subject imaginable. From vikings in the north, broken relationships in Croatia to vampires in Brasov, here is the lowdown on Europe’s original and unusual museums.


By royal appointment

The sovereign power of Europe’s royal families may be a thing of the past, but in the21st century, modern royals continue to cast a spell over travellers.

Journalist Andy Round and photographer Christian Andersson profile the impact of three very different monarchies in Denmark, Spain and the UK, and reveal the magical royal secrets every visitor should know.

State of the art

Admire the works of Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Klimt firsthand at some of the finest classical art museums in the world.

The rhythm of Europe

Get in the mood and lose track of time and space in one of Europe’s many music festivals.

Central Europe

Central Europe is eager to welcome you to discover its treasures!

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North Sea

The North Sea region brings a body of water famous for fiercely beautiful coastal areas.

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Black Sea

The fascinating countries of the Black Sea region straddle the transition between Europe and Asia.

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