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Walking and Climbing in the Rhine Valley

Hiking the Rhine Valley takes you through some of Europe’s most iconic landscapes, from alpine majesty to romantic, castle-strewn riverbanks and by snug farmhouses, centuries old, alongside windmills. Go up river or down, but don’t miss a step in Holland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland on their extensive and well-kept trails.

Holland is the perfect country to explore on foot. Literally hundreds of routes have been mapped out to show you the most beautiful spots, historical cities and magnificent nature. Walking along its beaches and through its dunes is always a sure path to calm, but did you know you can walk on the seafloor itself when the tide is out in the Waddensea? Ramble for hours over the extensive heath in the National Park De Hoge Veluwe. And yes! You can climb a hill in Holland. Go to the southeast corner of the country and enjoy the rolling hills, hilly forests, brooks, sunken roads and meandering rivers of South Limburg or near Nijmegen.

Walking and hiking in Germany are some of the best ways to reach the most breathtaking views and quietest corners of this history and scenery-rich country. The German hiking paradise caters to all levels, from alpinists seeking thin air and thick adventure on the Alpine heights to the multi-generational family group with youngest and oldest preferring easier paths, always in stunning natural settings. You have nearly 200,000 km of hiking trail network to choose from. Roam through the forests of Northern Hesse, find rare flowers or search out military history on the Moselle - stopping for some of the local wines, of course – but no matter where you wander, you’ll embrace with delight the perfect mix if nature, exercise, and sightseeing that happen when you walk and climb in Germany.

No manner of exploring and experiencing a destination that is as intimate and personal as enjoying it on foot; walking and hiking in Austria will get you close to nature, its people and wonderful traditions. If you’re looking for picture perfect scenery, fresh mountain air and crystal clear lakes, Austria offers an abundance of choices from remote alpine ascents to fascinating rambles through Austrian mountain life. The Cheese Route through the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg is the ideal way to explore the region and its close ties with cheese making, from dairy farms and inns specializing in cheese to alpine pastures where you can personally thank one of the gifted Austrian dairy cows.
Hike the Salzkammergut region, recognized for 4500 years of history by UNESCO, and explore ice caves and ancient salt mines!

Switzerland reveals itself best when discovered on foot, and today’s hiking resources mean pure pleasure, feel-good experiences in unspoiled nature. SwitzerlandMobility is the ideal route planner for your perfect hiking tour, not to mention canoe trips, cycle paths, and even skating routes! Hike by lakes, hike by night, walk into the home of Emmenthaler cheese or scramble by glaciers that have been hewing the Alps for thousands of years. Stroll along castle grounds, explore old mines, or traipse through vineyards. Take a rest and ride a high-altitude funicular or take the famous mountain railway for a bird’s eye view of where your feet can take you. Mountaineering in Switzerland is what started the modern travel industry, thanks to Thomas Cook; pack your gear and climb!

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