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Nightlife in the Iberian Peninsula

Nightlife on the Iberian Peninsula is the best combination you can imagine of languorous meals and a slow savoring of the early evening before endless late night fun kicks in.

Nightlife in Spain is guaranteed to go-go-go until after the sun comes up. Start the evening with tapas or dinner and a few drinks in a music bar… or else you could go to a musical or the theatre. Then adjourn to a bar or disco to carry on partying until you want your pillow more than the dance floor. And to top it off –even though the sun’s already up– what could be better than a delicious cup of hot chocolate with “churros” (hot fritters)? If theater is your passion, you’re going to be busy in Spain. Mérida’s beautifully conserved Roman theatre and Barcelona’s Gran Teatro del Liceu are two you shouldn’t miss, and you’ll love the National Theater Museum – for daytime fun, that is.

In Portugal if you like your nights to be energized and exciting, start the evening on a café terrace by the sea or riverside, charge your batteries and get ready; then all you have to do is choose a bar or a disco and dance the night away. You’ll find just the ambiance you seek, whether your mood calls for retro, alternative, or hip and chic. Lisbon has neighborhoods catering to every style; in Coimbra, Braga and Évora, follow the student crowd. They’ll make sure you have a lively night out! For a quieter, but unforgettable and truly Portuguese experience, dine the sound of plaintive Fado, and listen to the soul of Portugal. Steep yourself in theatre, cinema, dance, music and video at the international summertime theatre festival in Montemor-o-Velho.

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