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Nightlife in Central Europe

Your pathway to dawn will have a different character in each country of Central Europe: some love cabaret, others gaming, while dancing non-stop or lavish theatre and a late night café stop are the preferred way to spend the night before a rendezvous with that fluffy pillow.

Krakow is your go-to party town in Poland, with bars and restaurants almost too numerous to count. Games of chance are very popular and horse racing also has a long tradition in Poland. There are three national race-courses but racing fans are currently limited to watching without betting on the fleetest of hoof. At casinos you can play poker, roulette, blackjack or try your luck with one-hand-bandits. The casino in the Grand Hotel in Sopot is one of the most popular gambling places in Poland. It is the subject of many a dark tale, of dubious anecdotes and even films…if only the walls could talk!

Entertainment in Slovakia often means attending one of the many arts festivals that keep the cultural calendar hopping. Jazz Days, folklore festivals, and the Nitra Film Festival are must a few of the headliner ways to spend an evening here, but of course you’ll find welcoming bars and taverns along with music-thumping dance clubs where youthful energy is well-placed.

After a whole day of sightseeing in Hungary, do you still have energy for bar hopping, dancing and clubbing until dawn? Of course you do! Budapest will dazzle you with its wide variety of nightclubs and bars. If you want to have a mind-blowing night out , no problem. Alternatives include pubs, bars, lounges, nightclubs and some cool open-air places that are open for the public in summer, such as roof decks and ruins.

Would your trip to Austria be complete without attending some kind of performance in theatre-laden Vienna or Salzburg? There’s music coming out of the walls, whether its choral, opera, or something much less formal like an after-hours dance club. Given the number of people hanging out at resorts after a day on the slopes, you’ll find some of the hottest nightlife happens in the coldest places – Austria’s stellar ski resorts.

Theatre in the Czech Republic is worth going to not only for the outstanding performances of dance, opera, symphony and drama, but for the elegant buildings in which they’re held. In addition to the National Theatre, visitors can also see performances at the Estates Theatre (famous as Mozart’s favorite venue) and the Kolowrat Theatre. Make no mistake, if its dance-til-you-drop clubbing you’re after, you’ll find all the variety and energy you can imagine in the corners of Prague that come alive when the sun goes down.

Berlin. Nightlife. Need we say more? You’ll find way amazing nightlife in many of Germany’s towns and cities but Berlin takes the prize for variety, sophistication, and generally unbelievable trendiness. Yes, you can also spend an evening consuming dangerously comforting local cuisine and beer in small family restaurants where the young sons will demonstrate Bavarian “slap dancing”. Nightlife however you want it! A country with the literary tradition that Germany has is of course loaded with theatres, often in stunning historical venues. Check ahead of arrival to make sure you can get tickets. 

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