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National Parks in the Baltic States

National parks in Europe offer visitors a wide variety of scenery. Depending on the countries you visit, you can see alpine landscape, karst formations, lakes, rivers, tidal areas, islands, forests, fenlands, grasslands, and steppes.

Latvia has four national parks.The oldest and largest, the National Park of Gauja, is 53 km/ 33 miles from Riga, stretching along 100 kms/62 miles of the Gauja River and its tributaries. The other three are Kemeri National Park, Raznas National Park and Slitere National Park.

In Lithuania, look for five national parks, all opened in 1991 after Lithuania seceded from the former Soviet Union. The parks symbolize preservation and ecotourism in Lithuania.

Among Estonia’s five national parks, the most well-known are Lahemaa and Karula. Lahemaa’s principal attractions are its sandy beaches, immense pine forests, 200 species of birds and more than 900 species of plants.

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