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Festivals in the Baltic States

Get to know the Baltic States through their festivals, which are a fascinating blend of the newest new in music and the arts alongside time-honored traditional crafts and more songs such as you’ve ever heard before.

On your toes! Or maybe that’s best left to the professionals. Either way, if you love dance then attend the International Baltic Ballet Festival on your trip to Latvia. This event delights dance with rich ballet and contemporary dance programs, bringing stars from around the world to perform classical and avant-garde works. One of Latvia’s most significant traditional culture festivals is Līvas Market, featuring craftsmen from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries and great ethno music; you can expect a few tasty traditional foods as well! Apparently, blonds do have more fun at the cheerful Go Blonde Festival, a charitable event that raises money to build playgrounds for disabled children. The festival presents a parade of more than 2,000 participants and their fans, the Princess Ball and other events, all with a very positive attitude and lots of humor.

At least ten international folklore festivals are held during the summer in Lithuania, where you can see hundreds of folk art exhibits. One of the most amazing gatherings is the Festival of Song and Dance. Held only every four years, this event attracts Lithuanians from all over the world into a colossal nationwide event of unsurpassed exuberance. Actually, the song festivals of all three Baltic countries are jointly included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The elite Vilnius Festival presents the most prominent classical music ensembles and jazz , although if jazz is your thing, expect fireworks at the Kaunas Jazz Festival, Blues Nights and the Klaipėda jazz festivals.

Extremes of tradition and cutting edge craftwork and performing arts characterize Estonia’s festivals.
Tallinn Music Week started A kind of crash course to introduce Estonian music, from jazz and folk to punk and metal to the world. It’s definitely a large-scale party for Estonians and foreign fans and an opportunity for talented Estonian musicians to get noticed outside the country’s borders. The
Barokksepp Blacksmiths’ festival brings together blacksmiths from Estonia and neighboring countries for three days to get their irons in the fire and work their magic before visitors' eyes. The festival includes a blacksmith’s exhibition, tests of professional skill and workshops for both the blacksmiths and visitors. 'Uus Tants 10' represents a platform and overview of contemporary Estonian dance designed to showcase the most interesting productions by Estonian choreographers and dancers from the last two years.


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