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Beaches along the Balkan Peninsula

On the Balkan Peninsula beach lovers can choose between three seas – the Black Sea, the Adriatic, and the Mediterranean - and loads of fresh water beaches on lakes and rivers inland.

The gorgeous Adriatic forms the west coast of the Balkan Peninsula and includes Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. Learn about their alluring shores on our Adriatic Beaches page.

The Balkan Peninsula reaches into the Mediterranean with the almost endless shores of temple-strewn, sun-kissed Greece, described on our Mediterranean Beaches page.

Sample the sand at beaches on the Black Sea coast, where the inland sea laps the shores of Romania and Bulgaria. Read all about them on the Black Sea Beaches page.

Serbia may be landlocked but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any beaches. You can enjoy languid sunbathing beside its rivers and lakes – perhaps when you’re taking a breather after an exhilarating kayak or white water run.

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