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Horse Riding on the Atlantic Coast

Horse riding in the Atlantic Coast countries of Europe means meeting up with long traditions of hardy and hardworking horses that are now delighted to take you trekking. The rugged terrain you’ll find from the Iberian Peninsula all the way up to Iceland will make you glad to have a view from the saddle and four extra legs to help you get around.

Horses arrived in Iceland more than a thousand years ago, thanks to the Vikings, and one of the first things they decreed was a ban on further horse importation. The result, more than ten centuries later, is a pure breed, strong , muscular, and sure-footed enough to handle the roughest Icelandic terrain. Icelandic ponies are small and gentle, have great stamina, and are the perfect riding companions. Ride across grassy plains, up and down rocky slopes, through rivers and over fields of rough lava, on one of these friendly mounts, and enjoy the splendors and nature of Iceland in a way you’ll never forget.

Spain is perfectly suited to equestrian trekking; hold tight on the reigns and get ready for fun! Catalonia, on the Mediterranean coast, has mountains, volcanoes, valleys, and beaches; imagine the feeling of discovering all this natural beauty from horseback!           

Andalusia has deep-rooted equine traditions: you’ll find lots of horse trainers, stables and riding schools and a host of companies that organize rides and excursions on horseback, lasting anything from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. In some cases these are well-established routes, although if you’re adventurous, your route can be designed "à la carte". 

The country that produced the Lusitano thoroughbred horse, Portugal is the home of the world’s oldest saddle horse and its landscapes provide truly beautiful settings for quite unforgettable rides. In a country that is steeped in the equestrian tradition, horse riding is a particularly pleasant way of enjoying the countryside, the pure, fresh air and the peace and quiet, as you set off to discover so much more.

In the region of Estoril and Sintra are horse-riding schools and arenas where you learn how to ride or perfect skills you’ve already acquired. There are several paths through the forests, offering excellent conditions for horse riding, which can serve as the starting point for discovering yet more routes and settings for your rides.

Looking for an equestrian experience that’s second to none? Ireland has it all from awesome trail rides to unique horse-drawn caravanning holidays. Trekking through the countryside on horseback is a magical experience, with stunning scenery for miles around. Try traveling the way they used to in days of old: take the reins and settle back in your horse-drawn caravan for the trip of a lifetime.

A great way to appreciate the power, strength and beauty of Ireland’s famous stallions is to visit the National Stud, just outside Kildare. The Stud encompasses 958 acres of land and has 288 boxes for mares, foals and stallions. From the pomp and ceremony of dressage to the pride of the ponies at local fairs, grab a ring-side seat and enjoy the show! 



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