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Nightlife on the Adriatic Coast

Entertainment in the Adriatic Coast region can mean the heights of western civilization in precise performances at historic sites - or the lull of no-pressure, slow-burn café evenings – unless you want high-octane dancing and clubbing, in which case you’ll be busy until dawn.

Italy hosts an unending array of unique and fascinating events. The Venice Biennial showcases design and contemporary art, theatre and ballet performances. For classical music lovers, the cultural offer of Milan’s La Scala or the Verona Arena is unequalled. For those who love a bit of nightlife in Venice there are many opportunities: let yourself go in one of the various discos or spend the night at the Casino of Venice, testing your luck at the green baize tables. The province of Catanzarois the destination for nightlife and water sports lovers: the Costa Smeralda of Sardinia, with its pearl, Porto Cervo, combines the history and culture of a region that has old traditions with a joyful and colorful nightlife.

In San Marino there’s as much to discover at night as there is during the day. A romantic walk in the historic centre after a candlelight dinner in an excellent restaurant, a run at Bingo, a prestigious evening at the theatre, savoring a good film, merrymaking in one of the many pubs - think you can find something fun to do? Fabulous events fill the Titano in the summer from music and dance to fashion, so there’s bound to be a performance that appeals to every taste.

Your most exciting nights in Slovenia will be in its capital, Ljubljana, which offers the most opportunities for entertainment and satiating your curiosity. Different clubs and diverse cultural and social events take place here, from exhibitions to film festivals. Maribor is the place to party in the summer during the during the Festival of Lent. In Celje, the pulse of a contemporary town is framed among the ruins of the castle – how cool does it get? People who love entertainment can have a blast at casinos in Slovenia, mostly found along the borders with Italy and Austria, testing their luck or watching diehard players.

Towns in Montenegro all have their own special story but what they have in common is the corso – a cobblestoned main street lined with one bar after another. Gossip, coffee and a short drink happen all day long, but the pub atmosphere emerges in the evening hours, accompanied by strains of both traditional and contemporary music. Entertainment in the mountainous part of Montenegro is mainly connected with the ski resorts. Pljevlja is widely known for its traditional music played by the living legends; Žabljak and Kolašin are no slackers, either, famous for their great New Year’s Eves. Fireworks above the snowy summits and music in the city make these memorable nights.

It may be one of Croatia’s smaller towns, but Vodice is lively night and day, always offering something new and unusual. The traditional folk festivals and entertainment including evenings of Dalmatian a'cappella songs and more augment the rich nightlife that makes Vodice one of the most attractive towns on the Adriatic. You’ll find theatrical performances popping up on some islands in the summer, but also consider the Eurokaz festival in Zagreb. Luxurious productions and superb performances lure actors and spectators from around the globe.


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