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Wellness and Spas in the Black Sea

The Black Sea coast has been, shall we say, a hot spot for spa getaways since Roman times thanks to its thermal springs, therapeutic climate and invigorating sea air. Who are we to argue with such success? Enjoy a wellness break on the eastern edge of Europe.

Turkey offers the ultimate relaxation and spa experience, reflecting its unique geological and historic make-up where over 1000 thermal springs abound - and where the traditional Turkish hammam and massage treatments have been perfected over thousands of years. A huge array of modern spa centers and luxury hotels also mean Turkey is the perfect place for health and wellness holidays to suit all tastes and budgets. Famous for its traditional baths or hammams, a visit to one is a relaxing and invigorating experience not to be missed during your stay in Turkey. There are over 57 still operating in Istanbul alone, including the traditional Çemberlitaş and Cağaloğlu Baths in Sultanahmet, where you can enjoy the ancient rituals of steam-bathing, exfoliation and massage.

The natural thermal water springs in Bulgaria are some of its most sterling and unique resources. Over 800 hydro mineral springs, rich in hot and cold mineral water with temperatures ranging from 37° C to 101° C spout to the surface from a depth of over 2000 meters. Deposits of high quality peat and healing mud have been found throughout the country as well. This variety and abundance of hydrothermal, mud treatments and sea cures put Bulgaria in the very top ranks among European spas. Spend a few of your fascinating days in Bulgaria taking advantage of its magical healing and rejuvenating properties – you can’t argue with centuries of success.

Originally developed by those pleasure-loving Romans and unique in Europe, Romania is now home to more than one third of Europe's mineral and thermal springs. The naturally healing waters are complemented under attentive medical care when necessary by physiotherapy, acupuncture, and medicines produced from plants. 70 natural spas provide relief for many medical disorders and illnesses as well as preventive and invigorating treatments that will keep you in top form for the rest of your holiday in Romania and everywhere in Europe.

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