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Wellness and Spas in the Alps

Spas in the Alpine countries have mountain air in their favor, not to mention high country plants used in products, quiet and seclusion, beautiful views, and a long tradition of wellness.


Austria has it's own heritage of ancient knowledge about how to de-stress and feel at ease: brine baths and geothermal waters from the Alps, and vine leaves and herbs from our Alpine pastures invigorate the body and uplift the mind. Austria stands for recreation in unspoiled nature with cultural experiences within easy reach. Revive the spirit with a traditional Austrian spa treatment using ingredients found exclusively in the Alps. The benefits of altitude and fresh air means that simply by arriving you are already becoming healthier.

Slovenia has a long tradition of spas and a huge variety of facilities from which to choose. Wellness centers form part of natural health resorts, thermal spas and numerous hotels located in the countryside, in apartment complexes and even on ecological tourist farms. Centers can be found on the coast and in the mountains, two areas you are sure to visit on your vacation in Slovenia. It couldn’t be easier to add some “you time” between sightseeing or active sports. Experience Slovenian wellness: a harmonic, continuous movement, the search for peace and inner balance, nutrition that makes you feel good in body and soul. It is enjoyment under the watchful eyes and gentle hands of wellness experts. How can you pass that up?

These days more and more people are finding that wellness is all the holiday they need and Switzerland couldn’t be a better destination to be enveloped in a longstanding and effective wellness tradition. Whether you choose to be pampered in a city spa or prefer the seclusion of the mountains, you’ll find that completely natural treatments are pretty much the norm. Natural springs for hours of relaxation… a walk through dew-covered grass…a bath in beautifying whey? Discover the fascination of our mountain world.

Feeling good in Italy is easy, where the tradition of body and soul treatments dates back thousands of years, to ancient Rome. Throughout the country, from north to south, visitors can experience a unique vacation focusing on body care and on well-being in general, at natural thermal springs. These centers are renowned for their therapeutic properties and for their excellent aesthetic treatments. There are ancient baths that have remained intact for centuries and bring visitors back in time, offering a primitive sort of appeal. They have natural saunas, hidden caves surrounded by vegetation, with hot steam and a pleasant ferrous scent - excellent spots for reinvigorating the body and treating the skin.

Forget your cares and escape - You are entering a world of well-being. Luxuriate in its benefits. Relax and recharge your batteries. Germany has more than 350 spas and health resorts and around 500 spa and wellness hotels offering an amazing variety of therapies, massages and treatments. The healthy climate, healing waters, natural therapies and stunning scenery make it the perfect destination for your wellness holiday. In honor of your fabulous treatments, visit the ancient Roman baths at Baden-Baden to pay your respects to the people who paved the way for today’s spa-tacular treatments!


Dramatic scenery, winter sports, the northern lights and the midnight sun, saunas, and reindeer.

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