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Nightlife in the Benelux

Fast-moving, decibel-driven dance clubs sit side by side with wonderfully musty, real-deal brown bars and cafes serving up the beers you’ve dreamed, and you can expect the unexpected when you take your seat in a theatre in the Benelux.

In that space of time between savoring a beautiful beer and a piping hot waffle, the exuberant nightlife in Belgium will prove that sometimes it’s worth it to skip a good night’s sleep. Club culture is big in Belgium and caters to absolutely every community and taste. Jazz festivals, rock concerts, exotic nightclubs, traditional brown pubs and casinos are all a part of daily life in Brussels and the university towns such as Gent and Leuven. The Kaaitheater in Brussels presents innovative theatre, dance and concerts in either a striking modernist building from the thirties or in a marvelously renovated former geuze brewery. Verviers holds loads of exhibitions, concerts, and dance shows. The Festival of Wallonia, portions of which are intended for a younger audience, takes place in the enchanting city of Namur. 

Luxembourg city’s Grand Théâtre hosts and coproduces operas, musical, dance shows and plays in French, German and English. Throughout the seasons, the city of Luxembourg offers a range of colorful concerts and festivals, such as the Printemps musical , Summer in the City and the autumnal “Live at Vauban” and “Winterlights”.  ”Schueberfouer”, one of the biggest funfairs in Europe ,attracts over 2 million visitors every year.

If you’re curious what that favorite word in Holland, gezelligheid’, (cosy) really means, visit an authentic Dutch brown bar to find out. Faded and worn and dripping with welcome and atmosphere, you can see why these are popular haunts. Throughout Holland, nocturnal revelers find trendy clubs, student discos and dance cafes. The music ranges from popular house, techno and funk to old disco and Dutch music. You’ll need more than one night, that's for sure. The Uitmarkt is the national opening of the cultural season. It offers over 450 free shows on thirty stages to present a taste of what the theatres in Holland have in store, from ballet to hip hop, from theatre shows to jazz. It also revisits last season’s dance, cabaret, musicals, classical music, theatre shows and pop music highlights.


Who put the “Be” in Benelux? Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg!

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