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Nightlife in the Baltic States

The people of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are known to love the stage from both sides of the footlights, for theatre, live music, or dancing ‘til the wee hours. Get to know the exuberant, dramatic nature of the Baltic States on your visit to Europe.

If partying at clubs and then chilling out on the beach or in the woods sounds like a great vacation night to you, then Estonia was made for you. All the larger cities and especially Tallinn, the capital, have plenty of clubs, bars and events targeted at young people. You’ll find a great choice of heavy metal, lounge, techno and pop music playing at clubs. Tartu a modern city with loads of students so you’ll find all kinds of interesting events, performances and activities going on here; for the busiest beach nightlife, spend your evenings in Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia.

Visitors to Latvia will be dizzy with the choices they have in Riga when the sun goes down, from jazz to blues to techno, not to mention home-grown Latvian music. Have a beer at one of several Irish pubs – there’s always a friendly Irish pub, isn’t there? Dance, shoot some pool, play darts, and make new friends. Those who enjoy a more sedate scene will easily find their kind of stomping ground, too. Latvians also love their theatre, both as spectators and participants; they’ve been known to value the opinion of a theatre director more than those of the head of state.

Lithuania has 13 national theatres presenting dramas, puppet shows and musical theatre. Lithuanian artistic directors are well known and highly respected in the world. Nearly 1,500 amateur theatre companies present lively and colorful shows as well. If you come alive in the later hours, Vilnius at night will make you smile: Choose live jazz or rock bands, Latino or local folk music. Discos are humming with dance crowds going crazy for local and visiting DJs. Visit at least one casino and find out for real whether Lithuania is the gambler's paradise.

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