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Scandinavian Music

If you lived in a country that had almost no light in winter, you’d cheer yourself up with some music, wouldn’t you? If you lived in a country that was sunny 24/7 in the summer, you’d feel like laying some tunes and dancing, wouldn’t you? Expect an exciting and energetic time when it comes to music in Scandinavia.

Despite being a nation with a fairly small population, Sweden has managed to put itself on the world map with its many musical talents - Sweden is one of the biggest exporters of music in the world! The wide range of music events that Sweden hosts throughout the year enables a lot of newcomers a chance to be seen on stage. There are festivals which focus on rock and pop music and others which celebrate classical music, choral, jazz and opera - so there is something for everyone. The Hives, The Cardigans, Moneybrother, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Mando Diao, ABBA, Ace of Base, Roxette… the list never seems to end!
These celebrations of music showcase not only Swedish artists but also a great number of international acts. So to experience the Swedish festival spirit, visit one of the many music happenings taking place from Malmö in the south to Piteå in the north of our vast country!

The unique culture and nature inspire Finns to compose music, create design and make technical innovations like no other. A 19th century opera in a medieval castle in the middle of a lake. Jazz music that takes over an entire town for a few weeks. A male choir that doesn't sing, it shouts. Heavy metal played with cellos and Euro-pop in monster costumes. Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki and Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church in Lapland. When you look at music, art and culture from our northern perspective, you see things from a different angle and in a new light. Look no further for the best experiences, surprises, encounters, phenomena, magic and quality – here you will find the finest festivals in Finland.

Denmark has several classical composers and ensembles of international renown. With more than 7500 organised, professional singers, musicians, composers and conductors of the highest quality, the classical music scene has a solid foundation. Denmark has also become internationally acclaimed within the world of jazz, with names like the bassist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (NHØP) and trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, to name just a couple.

Danish pop music is more popular than ever. The hugely successful band Aqua had barely disbanded before a creative twosome drummed their way onto the international scene: Safri Duo. On the alternative scene, Denmark is experiencing a surge of exciting new talent fresh from the rehearsal rooms. Many of these newcomers can be experienced live at the Roskilde Festival.

Iceland's cultural season begins in the fall with the first concert by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Concerts, performed at the University Concert Hall, have received rave reviews from critics at home and abroad. The Icelandic Opera opens its cultural season in the fall with performances at the northernmost opera house in the world. Although the elegant old cinema house in the heart of Reykjavik seats only 473, individual productions have drawn overall audiences of 8,000.

In Reykjavik you’ll find live music concerts almost every day of the year, from Abba cover groups to Led Zeppelin and every style in between. Iceland Airwaves, a festival garnering increasing international attention, has rocked Reykjavik every October since 1999. Thousands of fans from around the globe show up to groove to cutting-edge tunes by alternative artists from both sides of the Atlantic. The Reykjavik Jazz Festival is also held every fall with a stellar line-up of jazz artists from all over the world covering the various genre of the jazz sphere.

Choose among several international music festivals during the summer featuring music such as
pop & rock, Norwegian folk music, church & choir, classical, jazz & blues, electronic and contemporary music with opera in the fall and winter.

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