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Biking and Cycling in the Baltic States

Cycling in the Baltic is so rewarding: Latvia has cycle routes for all ages and abilities, through national parks, past feudal castles and ancient sacrificial stones. Lithuania’s mild climate makes touring by bicycle an especially appealing way to discover its lovely countryside, especially its seaside cycle route. Estonia is a fairytale on wheels when you find yourself rolling quietly through medieval town centers.

Estonia is a fantastic destination for all cyclists – traffic is light, distances short, landscapes are gentle, cities modern and national parks easily accessible. Cycling is a fun, green way to enjoy the best of what Estonian cities, nature and culture have to offer. Combine bike time with spa-holidays, museums, historic sights and tours through the small countryside villages and enchanting coastal regions.

A cycling holiday in Latvia is about the most easy-going, accessible, adjustable way to travel. Come and go wherever you want, stopping when and where you wish. You can reach every place that beckons when you’re on a bike, should you suddenly notice a magnificent castle, need to watch the waves crash on the beach, or have to stop and explore an intriguing forest path or mysterious medieval street. The Latvian Country Tourism Association “Lauku ceļotājs” has developed a list of excellent one-day bicycling tours. By following these, you can acquaint yourself with Latvia’s national parks, other natural sites, old and more recent historical landmarks.

The focus for cycle touring in Lithuania is the Seaside Cycle Route, the first cycle route in Lithuania. Look for special signs displaying a bicycle symbol and a route number against a blue background and you’ll know you’re on track – hopefully the intended one! The future plan is to integrate the seaside cycle route, linking Latvia with the Kaliningrad region, into the EuroVelo cycle routes around the Baltic Sea and for the truly ambitious, from Calais to St. Petersburg.

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