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Capital: Belgrade
Area: 88,361 km²
Population: 7498001
Language: Serbian
Currency: Dinar (RSD)
Time Zone: GMT + 1 hour. - Summer: GMT + 2 hours

Official site

The True Love at Second Sight - The place of beautiful landscapes and attractive nature, the land of interesting mixture of eastern and western culture, the country with rich legacy in history and art, the abundant kitchen, traditional music, warm hospitality of Serbian people and a relaxing beauty of fields, waters and mountains will make the time you spend in Serbia memorable!


Serbia is one of the last undiscovered tourist destinations in Europe, charming visitors with its vivid cities, beautiful countryside, and friendly passionate people.

Cruising down the Danube, you will be enchanted by the variety of landscapes and impressive sights, such as cities of Novi Sad, Belgrade and Trayan’s Tabula marking the spot where the Roman Emperor crossed the Danube. The heart and spirit of Serbia lies in its monasteries, scattered all over the country, some even hidden in the mountains.

Spas in Serbia are unique and highly respected health centers in Europe. The ideal way to spend your leisure time, heal your body and rejuvenate your soul.

The way of life in many Serbian villages has remained unchanged for centuries. Experience the grand generosity of locals, witness stunning landscapes with amazing lakes and mountains, and enjoy Serbian homemade cooking famous throughout the world. Travel back in time to the 19th century at Sirogojno Ethno Village. Explore a town “where the sun always shines”, an architectural wonder built entirely of wood.

Be sure to experience the magic of modern Serbia, join 150 000 people at Exit, one of Europe’s biggest open air music festivals – ten stages and some of the world’s best acts, all under the backdrop of a medieval fortress. You might also come and forget your worries at Guca, brass band festival. In Serbia we promise you the time of your life!


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