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Capital: Podgorica
Area: 13,812 km²
Population: 662000
Language: Montenegrin Serbian
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Time Zone: GMT + 1 hour

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Discover, Experience, Enjoy! 

What does it look like?

A country of miracles, a treasure chest full of most wonderful treasures, as if, as the legend says, the God’s bag had really torn apart when he was giving gifts of nature and wonderful things including the mountains and other beauties fell out of it just above Montenegro. 

However, geographers say that this area in the South of Europe and the Balkans, not large but unique for its diversity, was created in ancient times by the strong forces of nature. Made by forces or not – it turned beautiful and unusual – magnificent.


What are its scents like?

Unforgettable! Individual and in harmony: sea salt, mimosa and oleanders, mountain flowers, eternal snow, Austrian pine, smell of mountain cottages and warm home-made bread, stony stairs of old towns, mature Vranac and dried figs and beautiful tall people...    

How does it sound?

Fantastic: first you can hear three types of waves – coming from the sea, lakes and rivers, accompanied by the scream of eagles and seagulls, then the whispers of trees in the virgin forest, then the sound of bell on the male heading the herd and laughter of the beloved ones on the beach, echoes of famous battles for freedom, whispers of disappeared tribes and people, deep voice of Slavic songs, legends and fairy tales about fairies and dragons, heroes and saints...

What about tastes?

Mmmm... from the sea food specialties, ham of Njeguši, famous cuisine of Skadar Lake, honey from the mountain of Bjelasica, lamb cooked in most various ways, to cheese and kačamak in the high mountain summer cottages. There are also olives from Bar, watermelons from Zeta, pomegranate juice, wines from the area of Crmnica...

And it offers...

Something for everyone! You can enjoy spectacular nature; this is a place for absolute relaxation and recreation; this is where you can absorb new energy. You can have great fun, adrenalin outbursts, competitive and research thrills. Here you can find small and protected but also long sandy beaches and thousands of kilometres of hiking and biking trails, fast rivers suitable for rafting and kayaking, great ski paths but also untouched landscapes; this is a place of carnivals, concerts, traditional fiestas, theatre played on squares... Here you can meet the richest people in the world in our harbours, and shepherds on the mountains whose wisdom will take you back to the Homer’s time and whose calmness will make you feel in harmony with stars. Enchanted with the uniqueness of diversity and beauty many keep coming back to Montenegro and every time discover another pearl in the unique treasure chest on the Mediterranean. 

How to get there? 

You can get to Montenegro by all the means of transport at any time and in every season by land, sea or air, by plane, boat, yacht, train, bicycle, car...

Means of transport you are going to use are less important – once you get here, nothing is far away or inaccessible any more. Anything is possible – in the morning you can be on the top of the mountain, in the afternoon you can sail on the lake and in the end of the day you can be on the sea shore. 




History & Tradition
Culture & Art
National cuisine
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