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Latvia is a small country on the Baltic Sea with the ancient history and traditions. There are many interesting tourist sights which will attract everyone. If you want to enjoy nature - there is not only the serene Gulf of Riga and the open Baltic Sea, but also nature parks, fast rivers and lakes with the beautiful forests on the shores.


Ask a Latvian and he'll tell you there is something naturally magical about this country.

That's why his ancestors have been living here for thousands of years. The rest of Europe discovered Latvia a thousand years ago, and everyone from Viking raiders to German Crusaders made a home here. Once the destination of choice for foreign traders and invaders, today Latvia is being discovered by investors and tourists from all over the world.

Today as Latvia joins NATO and the European Union, more and more people are discovering why Latvia has always been a keystone of the Baltic. Come, not just to look, but to listen. You'll soon understand why those who come once tend to come back again and again. After all, a land that sings like this always deserves an encore.


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