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It’s got to be Austria!


Whether you want to holiday in the Alps, as thousands choose to do every year, or if you want to take a weekend break and enjoy some city sophistication, it's there for the taking in Austria. Naturally beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes and rivers come as standard in a country that runs from the elegance of Vienna in the north, to the Italian influenced warmth of the Carinthian mountains in the south.

Nine distinct provinces create a diversity of options for holidays to Austria, easily accessible via a multitude of low-cost flights, where the welcome is always relaxed and hospitable whether your choice is mountain biking or visiting some of the most architecturally interesting cities in Europe. And holidays to Austria are perfect for families, from the expertise of Kinderhotels for both summer or winter breaks, to independent chalet accommodation.

Holidays to Austria. Take a look, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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