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What makes Austria so special?

Austrian culture: an exciting mixture of tradition and modernism

Do you know what makes Austria so special? Visitors love travelling around the country for many different reasons. One of them is certainly this special mixture of tradition and innovation, which you encounter at every corner. Especially in Vienna, the capital, and the larger cities like Graz or Salzburg, cultural treasures from many centuries face modern art and architecture.

The Habsburg monarchy, which reined the country for about 600 centuries, left a wealth of palaces, government buildings and parkways in Vienna. The historical old town of Graz counts among the best preserved in all Europe, boasting more than 40 arcaded Renaissance courtyards and a great number of original facades. And Salzburg, the Baroque town, is famous for its magnificent Residence of the Prince Archbishops, the Residence Gallery and, of course as birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

In spite of all this history, which can of course be encountered in many more places, Austria’s sense of modernism and open-mindedness is reflected in a great number of pieces of architecture and a rich offer of state-of-the art museums. Excellent examples are Vienna’s hyper-modern Museums’ Quarter, the Graz Kunsthaus (by the locals affectionately referred to as “friendly alien”) and many other architectural jewels by present-day architects of world renown.

While focusing your attention to all these highlights you should not forget about Austria’s music and theatre scene - and here again you will be amazed at the immense number of festivals and performances - from medieval to classic and avant-garde. 

So come and experience this exciting mixture and let yourself be carried away into a world where past and present have merged into a perfect blend.  

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